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Munch & Move Program

St Mary's Community Preschool participates in the Munch and Move Program. This program supports our educational program and practices around healthy eating and fundamental movement. Through the Munch and Move program we encourage children's sense of wellbeing through teaching children to take increased responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.


Odyssey Tennis Academy Program

St Mary's Community Preschool regularly welcomes Odyssey Tennis Academy to preschool, delivering a program at preschool where qualified trainers provide children with a fun and energetic physical experience, teaching children valuable ball skills. This program has been popular with children, also supporting children to develop Fundamental Movement skills.


Office of the Children’s Guardian
The Safe Series

The Office of the Children’s Guardian has developed the SAFE Series – a set of children’s books containing personal safety messages for children under six.  The books support children’s rights and promote the concept of children having a voice. Educators at SMCP have completed training and have been provided with a guide to assist them to sensitively deliver the SAFE series. The SAFE series reinforces that protecting children from harm is a shared responsibility and knowing what keeps them safe is important, but that children are not responsible for their own safety because this is the responsibility of the adults that care for them.  


McAuliffe School of Dance

St Mary's Community Preschool welcomes regular visits from McAuliffe School of Dance. Trained dance professionals provide children with an excellent variety of physical movement experiences through a combination of movements to increase strength, fitness and flexibility.


Casino Beef Week

St Mary's Community Preschool supports and participates in the Casino Beef Week Festival. Each year we unite with the community through partcipating in the Beef Week Window and Dress up Competition and hosting a Beef Week BBQ at preschool. Through our Beef Week activities we bring children, families and community together for loads of fun, community building and belonging.

beef week
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