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Story Of Our Logo


Bundjalung artist, Jai Darby Walker with "JooGool" heart design for our new logo, painted on canvas.

6th April 2023.

After several years of change, COVID-19 interruptions and a 6 month closure due to the March 2022 floods, educators felt it was timely that we reflect on our philosophy, vision and values and how we communicate these to community. Open consultation between educators, children and families during 2022 shaped the development of our Statement of Philosophy and highlighted what was ‘at the heart’ of teaching and learning for all stakeholders.


With our vision clear PLAY | BE | CONNECT and our values KINDNESS | COURAGE | HONOUR determined, we set about planning next steps in terms of creating a visual that would communicate all of this to the broader community. We were honoured to be able to collaborate with local Bundjalung artist, Jai Darby Walker on the design for our new logo. The heart became the focal point for telling our story and the design within tracks learning as a journey that is cyclical and one that honours each jarjums path to building and strengthening their own identity. 

Jai tells the story of "JooGool" the heart of our logo. The central design is your first teachers, Mother, Father, Nan & Pop. They sit with the little ones. Next layer of black & white dots is the jarjums in preschool learning. Next design of the wavy line is the jarjums in primary school learning more about the world and developing tastes. The diamond designs are the jarjums now in high school and learning more about who they are and where they want to go. Next design of straight lines are the jarjums out in the world. Some learning, some living. All standing tall. The last design is the full circle. The jarjums now have jarjums to teach. The cycle continues ...

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